By eavave • October 15, 2010


And it's done. The first Find the Avenue Achievement has been awarded to (e)THAT for being the first to submit photos (with supporting documentation) that include their (e)TICKER at 5 different real-world Empire Avenue locations.

Now, since there was a FUBAR on our part that showed two versions of the contest rules (one rather ambiguous),  we've decided that this first entry qualifies -- after rigorous review of supporting documentation and travel receipts. And since we're really, *really* sorry we screwed up, we've decided to make this a regular, standing achievement that anyone can still win!

It's not over yet...

The interest and conversation around this achievement has been great, and has inspired us to keep this as a 'regular' achievement using updated (and final) rules:

Find the Avenue Achievement

You've been on a globetrotting adventure to track down Empire Avenues around the world... or... well... around somewhere. The voyage was not for the faint of heart, and it's possible that you lost many Sherpa guides along the way. Those lost souls will forever be in our memories, etched in history alongside your most impressive of achievements.

1. Go find 5 Empire Avenue's anywhere in the world (must be in English folks, sorry!)
2. Get yourself to that location, find the street sign, hold up your Ticker symbol and get a photo taken. You and your ticker must appear together in all 5 photos. To clarify;  we need proof that the owner of the Ticker is the person who went to the 5 locations. The *spirit* of the contest is to get you exploring the world. If the Ticker is a business, the person in the photos at the different locations must be the same person, sponsored by the business.
3. Put all photos up on your favourite photo sharing site and send us the links to the five photos to

Value: 2,500.00 Eaves!

So that's it. The Achievement and valuable prize go to anyone able to get the photos (and supporting documentation, if required) to us.

But wait, there's more!

5 locations not enough? Well, (e)THAT provided us a handy list that suggested it is entirely possible to do TEN Empire Avenue's. It doesn't exist yet, but should someone be so bold to achieve 10,  we'll make another achievement. Go on we dare you!

What are you waiting for? Dust off your camera and travel bags and get going!

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