By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • February 25, 2011

Empire Avenue Indexes (Indices)

Ever wanted to be a CEO? Well, you get that chance now on Empire Avenue Indexes (yes Indices). These are categories that you can voluntarily put yourself in. We chose the categories based on the most commonly used Interests that people had chosen as well as a selection from the staff. We won't be adding too many more but please do submit requests and we'll consider them, especially if we get more than a few people requesting an addition.

When you attach yourself to an Index, you will be classed as a Shareholder. As your wealth and share price increase your position will rise. The next level is that of Employee (30% of the Index), Managers (20%), Senior Managers (10%), Vice Presidents (5%) and then one person in each of CFO (Chief Financial Officer), President and, of course, CEO (Chief Executive Officer). There are many Indexes, be happy to join one, connect with others in an Index and hey have fun climbing the corporate ladder. There will be more benefits in the future I'm sure!

We decided to merge Wealth and Share price into the rankings in this case. The ranking is 2x Wealth and 1x Share Price in a fairly simple formula. We wanted a ranking that was attainable by anyone and one that still had some component of your network attached. We felt such a formula would work for these rankings. We'll see how it goes.

UPDATE: February 26 We changed the formula to be based on your activity on the social web averaged over two weeks plus a component of your share price. This allows new and old people to rise up and attain the rankings. Love the feed back we received! We'll be adding some more to this little side feature of ours - Dups

When you join an Index you will be ranked as "Shareholder" and the rankings will be reorganized every day around 3pm GMT. So go ahead, have a bit of fun. Do note that successive changes to your Index will cost you Eaves! You can also peer into each Index and their rankings inside the "Leaders" page. New users joining will get the chance to set their Index on profile creation! Notifications on Promotions and Demotions will be sent and is now controlled by the renamed "Special Achievements" Notification setting... we've renamed it to "Special Notifications (Achievements etc.)" and will take care of all such Notifications in the future.

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