By eavave • September 6, 2012

This Week in Updates

On Tuesday and Wednesday we released a number of fixes including adjustments for Internet Explorer and most importantly changes to address issues a few people were reporting with investing in others. In the coming weeks you can expect some more bonuses as well as general User Interface enhancements to improve the site and overall performance. Going forward we are planning a weekly release of bug fixes, tweaks and general updates.

Some items addressed in this week's release:

  •  Buying and Selling Shares, issues with the dialogs not showing some error messages caused hanging (processing) of the buy screen.
  •  iPad (and other tablets) will now use our standard desktop layout, with a mobile version available by clicking in the footer, this addresses many people's concerns that they were getting a sub-standard experience on tablets
  •  Overall site design has been cleaned up to ensure consistency, including consistent font sizes, colours etc. through-out the site
  •  Some navigation issues with Internet Explorer have been addressed, specifically fixing IE8 and IE9
  •  Overall speed of the site with regards to page loading and general responsiveness has been addressed.

We will continue to make adjustments to address the user interface performance, responsiveness and any inconsistencies. In coming month we will be focusing the on building out our existing features such as providing more bonuses, content and connections, missions and etc.

We realize that Empire Avenue has had many facelifts and changes and appreciate your patience with us as we address many of the concerns that you have had and communicated to us :)

Now get back to investing!


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