By eavave • March 11, 2010

Privacy Matters!

In this information age where information seems to flow out to the world in a never-ending stream, privacy of personal information is paramount. When we at Empire Avenue started the process of developing our Privacy Policy, we decided to look at how we could provide the strictest protection for our users’ personal information and how we could conduct business under such a framework. We believe that you can create a world-class web application with an opt-in system which protects you and your privacy. Ultimately, we designed our Privacy Policy so that you could enjoy the benefits of Empire Avenue without having to worry about what was happening to your personal information. We wanted a system which we ourselves could personally enjoy and would not mind joining.

The Empire Avenue’s Peoples Market is not only fun for our registered users but also provides them with an important  tool to track, boost and view their influence that they wield on line. In addition, when a registered user chooses to tie into the associated Empire Avenue advertising platform that same information maybe used for the influencer’s financial benefit.  So what does this mean for your privacy? Firstly, we will not pass on anyone’s personal information unless we have been given explicit permission via your Privacy Settings or we are required by the law. By personal information we mean a registered users name, photo, date of birth, e-mail address etc.

Secondly, with your explicit permission, our automated systems will gather the information and content that you create or participate in outside of Empire Avenue. That data will not be available to anyone in its original format unless we have been given explicit permission via your Privacy Settings both here and on the site from which we are fetching (where possible). Such data will further be processed automatically and condensed into statistical data that will be used and shared with the sole purpose of improving  the  experience for our registered users to increase their  influence value.

We are committed to ensuring your information is simply that, “your” information. To that end, access and control over personal information that has been provided to us will be readily available to you through our profile editing tools where you will have the opportunity to modify and delete any and all information. Should you wish to ever remove yourself from Empire Avenue, we will make the commitment as per the Canadian Privacy Laws to remove any and all personal information stored in your account immediately (and from the backups over a reasonable time frame). When you delete an account on Empire Avenue, it really is truly deleted.

Of course, you have to take some responsibility for your own privacy and access to information. Our default privacy settings will be restrictive but open so that the minimum required to enjoy the site is initially set. However, if you use communication features of the service to share information with other individuals on the Empire Avenue site, like sending a personal message to another site user, we generally cannot police and protect your privacy in such communications.

We hate getting spam. As with all of our registered users we despise receiving those annoying and pesky marketing calls, e-mails and faxes. You will be able to control all our communications with you. We will do our best to protect the information you provide so we will not be the reason for any increase of such traffic that comes your way.

We are committed to creating a transparent business that will benefit all. As such we will always operate in a context of elevating our user’s need to protect personal information  to our fullest ability wherever possible .

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