By eavave • April 15, 2010

Got Badge?

Earlier today you may have seen a few sneak-tweets about Empire Avenue Blog Badges.

Yes, we have them. And soon, after you read through this technical process stuff, you'll be able to proudly proclaim your value as an influencer on your own blog, or frankly wherever Javascript is accepted online.

Ok, on with the details.

First, here's what the badge look like. Note that there are two versions currently, but more are in the works. We just need to find more Gnomes who work for EAV credits.

The first size is a 125x125 pixel version -- those of you into affiliate advertising on your blogs, this size is for you!

The second is this larger (and very swanky) 190x167 pixel version. Obviously this one is meant to focus attention on your most excellent share value and stimulate further purchase in your stock. Look at that one...just makes you want to go out and buy some of that BGRIER stock...whatever that is...

And here's how you implement them.

It's really quite simple. You take the following Javascript code, and paste it into your blog template or widget area where you want the badge to appear.


//enter your exact ticker
var eav_t = "DUPS";
//Size 1 is 100x100 and Size 2 is 190x167
var eav_s = 2;
//Do not edit the following:
var eav_is_ssl = ("https:" == document.location.protocol);
var eav_asset_host = eav_is_ssl ? "" : "";
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + eav_asset_host + "blog/?t=" + eav_t + "&l=" + escape(window.location) +"&s=" + eav_s + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));

Of course, you'd rather have your ticker displaying rather than DUPS, so simply replace DUPS in the line reading 'var eav_t = "DUPS";' with your ticker symbol (yes, in all caps, and don't touch the quotes or the semicolon either please).

Oh, and don't forget to select the size of badge you want. In the code you'll see a section marked 'var eav_s = 2;'
This is the badge size. Change the 2 to a 1 if you want a 100x100px badge.

Simple no? Questions? Comments? Post 'em in the Feedback community, blue tab on the left of the window...says Feedback.

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