By eavave • April 19, 2010

The Big Reset Cometh!

Update: We said previously that you wouldn't have to connect your Facebook account again after the Big Reset, but with the release of Facebook's latest API, we actually will ask you to reconnect your Facebook. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Original post:

For a while now you've heard whisperings and hushed comments about an event of which very little is known, and is even more rarely experienced in the wild; The Big Reset.

Yes, this is not a mythical event though it is extremely rare. Nor is it a tale used to scare children! The Big Reset is real, and for you, the gentle beta tester of Empire Avenue, this will be an experience to remember -- "I was part of the Empire Avenue Big Reset back in 2010..." you'll be boasting to your grandchildren. Others will be asking each other 'Where where you when the Big Reset happened?' You, will be able to say 'I was part of it!'.

Very Important Information
(yes, you should read this)

As of this writing, Empire Avenue is in an extremely closed beta period that we've called the Friends and Family Beta. Currently that's over 600 beta testers. We're about to move to the next phase and expand this number significantly. More on that in a moment.

But to do this, we have to also make things fair for everyone, both existing influencers and future ones. Those 600+ testers have been very busy pushing, testing, poking holes, and generally being as annoying as possible, in a good way because that's what we expect of beta testers, as they try to break the system and discover flaws (and suggest fixes) in our systems.

Which means that some of the data in the system is now also flawed and no longer a representation of an influencer's value - it's more a representation of our testing and support processes. Hence the need for The Big Reset.

The Big Reset - Particulars

On Monday April 26th 2010, we will perform the one and only "Reset" of Empire Avenue and begin expansion of the influncer base. Between 1200 ET (noon) and 1900 (7pm) ET, we will take down Empire Avenue and reset all accounts to the starting values. The result, based on beta tester feedback, support and encouragement, will be the new Empire Avenue.

What will change:

1. All your share values, stock prices, share purchase history will reset to the starting values
2. Achievements other than those for completing various portions of your profile will be removed
3. Your amount of credits will be reset to starting values + anything earned from achievements that will have remained
4. You will have to re-purchase virtual shares of people
5. Your share purchases and historical values will be deleted
6. All Influencer Advertising you have purchased will be deleted
7. All leaderboards and history will be reset

What will *not* change:

1. Any data you have customized such as Interests, Bio, Picture, Ticker and so on will remain
2. Messages you have sent or received will remain
3. Shout-Outs on your profile will remain
4. Your Blog, Twitter and Facebook connections will remain
5. Past Twitter/Facebook/Blogs headlines will remain
6. You will get to keep the following two special achievements and their credit amounts if you have unlocked them: "Rocket Launch to The Sky" and "You're a Real Friend"

What's in it for me?

Earlier I mentioned that we're expanding the Influencer base in Empire Avenue. Actually I lied, *you* are going to be expanding the Influencer base, your Influencer base, in Empire Avenue.

In addition to The Big Reset, we're giving each current beta tester 3 shiny new beta invitations to be distributed as they see fit. To be frank, I suggest you look to your current online network and judiciously and strategically invite friends, colleagues, or family as you expand your Influence Network and grow your online value.

Oh, and I'd take the next few days before The Big Reset to get your online affairs in order, because after April 26th, there's no looking back.

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