By eavave • May 31, 2010

Empirical Terms

Recently everyone's been talking about Terms and Conditions of various sites, be it Twitter or Facebook. We thought it might be a good a idea to give some insight into ours!

When we created Empire Avenue we wanted to ensure that our creation not only provided our users with the opportunity to have some fun in discovering their level of influence and to create value relationships in and outside their communities and networks, but also the opportunity to make some money (virtual or real) as a result of the influence they wield. As with most new products there is an instruction kit and Empire Avenue is no different, as we have our Terms and Conditions of Use (or as we call them our "rules of the road").

As the result of many of us at Empire Avenue having worked for many years in the software business, we are all too aware of the attention that the majority of people pay to End User License Agreements and this we wanted to avoid with our "rules of the road" that are a necessary ingredient of what we have created here at Empire Avenue. While very few of us like reading what are often classed as boring product documentation, we believe that you should read our "rules of the road" so that you can maximize your experience at Empire Avenue.

I don’t know about you but when I read product instructions that I buy, somehow the product seems to work better than when I just guess what to do. I can't stop you from classing the task of reading our "rules of the road" as boring but I can assure everyone that reading them will increase your enjoyment and rewards available from participating in our creation. We do not want you to just click and accept our Terms and Conditions of Use without any review. We want you to understand both how and what both you and we can and will do as a result of your participation in Empire Avenue. There are headings in our Terms and Conditions of Use to direct you to specific aspects of the "rules of the road." We have designed our Terms and Conditions of Use document so that it is easy and quick to understand.

Our Terms and Conditions of Use deal with your ownership of your personal information and, in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, will set out what we can do with information we gather from you. Your own your personal information such as your name, photo, date of birth, and e-mail address will only be used by us under license as allowed by any Privacy settings. When you delete your personal information it will be deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer. However, removed content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others).

In addition, by agreeing to our Terms and Conditions of Use and with your explicit provision, we will gather information resulting from your use of our website as well as the information and content that you create or participate in outside of Empire Avenue. That data will not be available to anyone in its original format unless we have been given explicit permission via any privacy settings available. This data will further be processed automatically and condensed into statistical data that will be used and shared with the sole purpose of improving the fun experience for our registered users and to increase their revenue and game standing.

As Empire Avenue is all about having have fun and making money (virtual or real) there have to be and are sections setting out the necessary mechanics of achieving these goals for which Empire Avenue was established. However, as is the case with all games and software there will be things that we don’t want you to do. One of these things is creating multiple accounts for the sole purpose of spam. We will actively seek out and suspend those accounts.

We believe that in addition to fun and rewards, you will learn valuable lessons by participating in Empire Avenue, and we encourage you to undertake the journey but please read and understand the "rules of the road" first. It is only upon a solid foundation that success can occur.

Our Terms and Conditions of Use are found on the "Fine Print" page along with our Privacy Policy, and Rules of Empire Avenue.

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