By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • June 3, 2010

Un-"Cork"-ing Empire Avenue (Part 2)

The Headline Stream and Shout Outs

One of the most asked-for features on the site is to be able to better manage the content that people get from their investments. The Cork release will introduce some fairly major changes here.

* You will be able to filter the headline stream by activity, such as seeing all Facebook, Twitter, blog updates, etc.
* On pages that allow you to see a headline stream aggregated across many users, such as the headline stream of a portfolio, you will be able to filter by the minimum share price. The goal here is to allow you to see content of those that are valued highest in any particular group.
* On the pages where you have an aggregated stream, you'll be able to see more of that activity and expand the history.
* We have combined Shout Outs with the headline stream, meaning you don’t have to go to a separate Shout Outs page, and certainly you can filter to see just Shout Outs, as well.
* You will be able to "shout" on any event in the headline stream – Twitter updates, blog posts, whatever – and leave a comment.

Flickering into existence

Our goal with Empire Avenue is for you to connect all your online activity. We started with the three most obvious: Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Blogs. We added activity on Empire Avenue, but truly we want to expand into every place that you are active on the web. The very first new addition to the site will be Flickr. We know that a lot of our current members have Flickr accounts and are avid photographers, and now you'll be able to attach a Flickr account to Empire Avenue.

* As with Facebook and Twitter currently, we will only allow you to attach a single Flickr account.
* Flickr activity will not be included in your share price for a couple of weeks while we gather data to ensure that our upcoming Market Maker changes will do Flickr justice! Please connect your Flickr account as soon as possible to ensure we get enough data to fix it all up.
* Every two hours we’ll fetch the latest photos from your Flickr feed to display in your headline stream, and we will take private photos and audience metrics into account for your share price.

More features to be un-Corked tomorrow.

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