By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • August 11, 2010

Purchasing Achievements and Notification Changes

Our "Dublin" cycle is over and we’ve set our "Erindale" releases for Empire Avenue into motion. Do not expect to see the kind of incredible overhaul of the site we did with "Dublin," though; instead we'll be focusing on usability enhancements and improving the site in all its various areas.

Last week, we finally revealed the ability to purchase Eaves with PayPal. Now comes the second PayPal purchase option, and that is the much-asked-for ability to buy Achievement Upgrades with a mixture of Eaves and PayPal. From this moment onwards, almost all our Shares Upgrades can be purchased with a mixture of real and virtual currency.

We have not changed the cost of what any of these upgrades would be with Eaves alone.


This week will also see the release of a much-needed upgrade to the Notifications pages. Gone are the "Alerts by all the Influencers you have bought" (you might not even have noticed these!)!

Here are a list of some of the changes:

1. Moved the Notification Settings to the main Notification page, so no more hunting for the settings.

2. We've added a "Basic" and "Advanced" mode for settings. In advanced mode, you will have the ability to choose what notifications are displayed in the "You have notifications waiting" number and pop-up while on the site.

3. You can now filter by type of notification and page through as many notifications as you like!

4. The notification pop-up will resemble the rest of the pop-ups on the site and is scrollable!

We've also fixed some of the notification bugs and annoyances that people have reported to us, but there are still some remaining. If we haven't been in touch about your particular bug being fixed on either Get Satisfaction, e-mail or Twitter, it is because we haven't fixed it yet!

We're in final testing with the new Notification pages; expect to see them before the end of the week.

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