By eavave • August 19, 2010

Empire Avenue: Open for Business(es)

"I know I waste half of my advertising dollars...I just wish I knew which half."
Henry Procter of Procter & Gamble, about 1895

Now the gates are open and everyone has had the opportunity to try the site the team has built over the last 10 months, we thought it was time to talk a little bit more about our developing advertising and rewards platform.

As Dups mentioned in one of the first blogs we always had a business model in mind for Empire Avenue, to make it a platform where you participate in better targeted advertising and have an opportunity, through your online influence and participation in Empire Avenue, to share in the trillions of marketing dollars spent every year worldwide.

Today we reveal the first step in our ultimate plan of bringing you this lofty goal. Our beta of Avenue Rewards are up and running. “What are Avenue Rewards?” I hear you ask. Well, you have been hard at work earning Eaves on the site, now you have a chance to spend some of them on more than your best friend, share upgrades, additional communities and a change of ticker symbol. Our Avenue Rewards enable you to spend Eaves on discounts, promotions and trials of real world and virtual goods.

Our first two partners Cream Junkie and have decided to take the plunge with us today while SNS Cafe in Santiago, Chile will be offering a reward by Friday.

Cream Junkie is a small startup company based in Edmonton, Canada that offers all natural, SLS and Paraben free scrubs, moisturizers and cleansers for your booty, and other parts of your dried out anatomy that need cleansing and replenishing without those nasty chemicals. I personally use the bum butter for my booty and I tell you baby’s bum is an understatement! This offer is only available to Alberta, Canada residents (so you may not even see it if you don't live here) for those of you with dry bums in other places Cream Junkie assures us they will expand the offer once they sort out their postage partner.

Beamdog is an online store that gives you the ability to download video games without all the hassle of having an IT department at your beck and call to install new drivers, file management and all the boring stuff that normally ticks you off before you can get on with PC gaming. Trent and the boys have been decent enough to offer you coupons for your next purchase. 

So save up your Eaves folks and keep checking back on the Avenue Rewards Page of the Shop for future offers, as we are negotiating some really good deals for you to spend your “hard earned” on. We are also open to ideas from you on your interests and passions so we can reach out to the right brands for you.

Now for those brands who are reading this and thinking “Where is my Empire Avenue love?”, we have chosen to release Avenue Rewards on a staged basis, which we will expand over the next few weeks. Those of you who have expressed interest, we will be contacting and inviting you to join shortly! But if you want to get involved even in the beta of Avenue Rewards, don’t wait! We are here waiting for your email ( as we would love for you to get involved. Now your mind is probably boggling on where you can take this and yes, wherever your mind just took you we will accommodate your dreams of world domination. Even if those dreams are for small town domination we will accommodate you too, the Cream Junkie offer is a great example of target rewards offers, ie Alberta only, so email us!

Oh, almost forgot, social, creative and media agencies: we are more than happy to talk to you too, your competitors are already in the loop and haggling.

Disclaimer: Our owners, writers, and/or guest post authors may or may not have a vested interest in any of the above projects and businesses. None of the content on this blog is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner.