By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • August 27, 2010

Contest! Take us down to... Empire Avenue

Many of you may have now read that Empire Avenue is a real place. Oh we know it's the web site and it's the team, but it's actually a real place. The three founders of Empire Avenue, Mike Mannion, Niall Brown, and I, along with Nithum Thain and Ray Lambe proudly call Newfoundland home. When it came to creating our little part of the web, we hunted for a St. John's street name that we could name the site after. We came up with Empire Avenue.

So today, in recognition of coverage both by The Telegram and CBC Radio here in our home city, where we are visiting, we'd like to announce a contest which will net you a very special achievement.

Take a photograph of yourself and your Empire Avenue Ticker symbol in front of five different "Empire Avenue's" around the world and we will give you an achievement. We don't expect this to be handed out for a while, but today we'll add this achievement into the mix of achievements on the site. The first person to do so will get the pioneering achievement and everyone else will get the achievement for having accomplished the feat.

So the rules:

1. Go find 5 Empire Avenue's anywhere in the world (must be in English folks, sorry!)
2. Get yourself to that location, find a street sign, hold up your Ticker symbol and get a photo taken.
3. Put the photos up on your favourite photo sharing site and send us the links to the five photos to ""

By the way, this achievement is worth 2,500 Eaves!

Just in case you are wondering, here are some of the locations around the world:

* St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
* Melbourne, Australia
* Toronto, Canada
* New York, USA

That's it!

EDIT: Photoshopping is NOT an option and the same person must appear in *Each* photo! Must be in 5 Different Cities!

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