By eavave • August 31, 2010

Further East of Erindale... User Interface and User Experience Improvements

"Always in motion is the future... And so is Empire Avenue!" Today we released a minor update to the new account sign-up process, which is the first step in making it easier for people to get up and running on Empire Avenue. You might have noticed that we've been tinkering with our front page and other parts of the public-facing pages; you’ll see more changes in the coming weeks and months as we get closer to delivering the site we’ve envisioned.

With any change we make to Empire Avenue we put the needs of our users up front and constantly strive to provide a cohesive user experience. With that in mind, we have re-worked the new-user signup, focusing on simplifying the whole process. Decide whether you are a Person or a Business, pick a ticker, provide your site URL if you're a business, and then you’re off and running.

The second part of this simplification (releasing later this week) is the consolidation of your connections into one place.  We will be updating the connections page to have your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Blog connections all in one place so you can easily make updates without having to run around to different settings pages.

In addition to combining all your connections, new users will have the ability to add their social connections before they begin trading and exploring on the site.  Sorry existing users... but hey, you are unique, just like everyone else ;-)

Signing up is easier than ever… so go tell your friends, cohorts, enemies, siblings, government officials! Everyone!



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