By eavave • November 5, 2010

Hello Planet!

Today we unwrap our latest endeavour aimed directly at the huge and creative Empire Avenue community that’s sprung up outside of Empire Avenue: Planet Empire Avenue.

Yes folks, a simple “Empire” wasn’t enough. We are taking over the entire Planet! What’s Planet Empire Avenue? Well, remember the old-school game resource sites like Planet Baldur’s Gate and Planet Neverwinter? In those days, Planet sites were the only ways to find resources for a specific community.

Recently, we realized that as creators of Empire Avenue, were having a hard time finding all the Empire Avenue resources that were being developed online by others. Sure, we *know* about these sites, but have them stored in various email, twitter, facebook and other messages. Not quite the simple and easy way to find them ‘eh? So we thought, hey, let’s do something about it.

So we did
Let’s just take a quick look at the state of the community… we have fansites, advice sites, applications, communities and groups all built around Empire Avenue. Planet Empire Avenue is purely a listing service and a way to highlight things happening in the Empire Avenue Community. Our goal is to drive traffic to you.

What Planet Empire Avenue is *not*:

  • Planet is not an analysis service for Empire Avenue.
  • Planet will not provide tips and help for Empire Avenue.
  • Planet will not be the corporate mouthpiece for Empire Avenue (that's what this blog is for ;) ).

Planet Empire Avenue will:

  • be a central resource map for the Community around Empire Avenue
  • highlight new community activities, events, sites, applications etc.
  • be managed with your help in the community. In fact over time, we’ll get volunteers to help manage this site.

Planet Empire Avenue is for and about the community and with your help it will reach the unknown reaches, broach the final frontier of the Empire Avenue Universe as the Empire Avenue Community continues to expand and grow!

So check it out. And if you’ve got an Empire Avenue resource that you think the community should know about, then let us know by using this clever and overly-designed form :)

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