By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • January 24, 2011

The My Stats Tab: Analyzing Social Media Value

This week we're launching a beta feature inside of Empire Avenue that we think everyone will want to try out. This week, some of you will be able to access some of the analysis we do on you on a daily basis. Called the "My Stats" Tab for now, this data should help you understand your activity on Social Media. This tab is in Invite Beta only which means we are actively changing things, so much so that we'd like to kind of keep it limited in order to get your feedback more easily. The first set of invites are going out today/tomorrow and are to folks who we contacted before December 2010. We'll open up a bit more as the week or more progress. So what is it?

For Empire Avenue Gamers: Finally you’ll see data about yourself that will allow you to improve your social networking and, hopefully, improve your scores and your wealth!

For Social Media Mavens: The data we provide you (who retweeted you, what got retweeted, your popular Facebook posts, etc.) should give you a dashboard, for free, that will empower and enrich your social media usage.

For Everyone: We created this because us folks on the Empire Avenue team were curious about our own social media usage. Yes, you can play the Social Networking Game and have fun, but let's also make it useful!

My Stats Screenshot

Want to be part of the beta? Sign up to Empire Avenue and go to the following link: and request to be part of the Beta!

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