By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • February 28, 2011

Want to see something new? Become an Executive!

Many people who interact with the Empire Avenue staff on a daily basis on Twitter (@empireave) or on Facebook (EmpireAvenue) have noticed that all of a sudden in January through the beginning part of February, we went extremely quiet. When we are quiet, it's not that we're on holidays – we wish! – but that we are working extremely hard to get something done. This time, we put almost everything, including Cage Matches, on hold. And now we are almost done.

A year ago it was our friends and family who were allowed to see the site, get us feedback and perhaps get a head start on Empire Avenue in advance of its launch. A year later, we'd like to invite a subset of our current users to see that something "new." You will have an opportunity to test stuff, help us find bugs and get an early look at what we’ve been working on! The cool part is that you don't even need to be a friend or family!

If you are one of the three Executive positions in any of our new Indexes (that is CEO, President, CFO) by Wednesday March 2, 2011 at noon Eastern Time, then you will be invited to see the new thing. Remember, Index rankings are calculated at 10am Eastern every day, and they are determined largely by your activity across the social web (at least what you’ve connected to Empire Avenue) and your Share Price. Good luck! That's it. Find an Index, get an executive position and you'll get an invite.

What about everyone else? We don't intend for people to wait too long to get to see our latest and greatest, so fear not; but isn't it nice to get a heads up sometimes? Well, those are just some of the perks of being a high-flying executive on Empire Avenue!

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