By eavave • March 17, 2011

March Madness on Empire Avenue - Which NCAA Men's Basketball Team is the Most Social?

It's that time of year again... no, no, not the day you get totally wasted (but yes, also that day)... I'm talking about March Madness! For fans of college hoops or, more generally, the existence of colleges and universities, it's the time to wear your team's colours and cheer on a bunch of young adults as they throw an orange ball into a basket in search of eternal glory.

To celebrate the start of March Madness, we've put together our own little bracket. If the NCAA men's basketball tournament were decided entirely via Twitter, which school would find itself at the top of the heap? We researched every school in the tournament, and we've pointed out the Share Price (again, a combination of reach, engagement and activity) to figure out which school is the most social -- at least when it comes to Twitter!

NOTE: We used either the primary school Twitter, the athletics department, or the sports team itself. In the event that a school had more than one, we chose the most valuable of the accounts.

Yes, the image is rather large.

Once we hit the Final Four, it becomes quite apparent that no one will touch North Carolina! The Tarheels' Basketball Twitter account has over 22k followers, but it's their constant activity that likely contributes to the value of the account, along with a fan base that constantly engages the account via @ replies. Sure, they could actually respond a bit more often, but still... way to go Tarheels!

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