By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • April 4, 2011

Chat and Instant Site Notifications

We're cranking things into high gear on the release front. We'll have an announcement of lots of things tomorrow, most of which are part of a migration of features that people have really liked on Empire Avenue on Facebook.


We've had this trialled on the site for the last week or so, but today we're enabling site-based chat for everyone on There is a handy link on the bottom bar to disable the chat throughout the site, and you can always go to the Settings page to enable and disable chat. The chat is done by our friends at, and we believe it's an evolution in chatting beyond what you get on Facebook. You can chat publicly, as well as privately. Envolve is working on all sorts of new features for the chat, so if you like chatting with those you are buying, this is a very cool addition to the site.

Instant Notifications

On Empire Avenue on Facebook we took the application a little bit farther and allowed you to see notifications coming in as they happen. Say, someone buys you and you happen to be on Empire Avenue; we popup a small notification to the top right! We received such good feedback from our testers on Facebook that we thought our audience on the main site would enjoy it as well!

We've got much more happening, stay tuned!

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