By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • April 5, 2011

Empire Avenue on Facebook

Yes folks, it's out. I could give you a long soliloquy on the Empire Avenue experience on Facebook, but why don't you go and give it a try?

Okay, so you want some more details? You can get the same core experience of Empire Avenue in a very cool, integrated and good-looking Facebook application. Some of the cool new things available on Empire Avenue on Facebook:

Buy any Facebook Friend - You can buy any of your friends on Facebook and let them know that you bought them. If they join, their share prices will climb from the default 9.75 and you'll both make some money.

Rank amongst Facebook Friends - You can see where you rank amongst all your Facebook Friends. Are you the CEO, President or CFO of your Friends? (Note that rankings are calculated daily)

Fantastic UI - Our Facebook version is a re-thinking of the entire experience! We have an integrated portfolio rather than multiple lists, easy-to-see Indexes and more.

We've also released new features for both Empire Avenue and Empire Avenue on Facebook.

Luxury Items - These are items that you can buy with all the wealth that you earn from playing Empire Avenue! Luxury Items, once bought, do not decrease your Net Wealth and almost all of them will add to your Net Wealth every day. We'll be adding Luxury Items with other special abilities over the next little while.

Stats and Graphs - My Stats is now a part of everyone's experience on Empire Avenue. Our Advisors will give you some of the existing stats in a much easier-to-digest format. Our Graphs are now much cooler (hey you can zoom in on them).

Levels - Yes, there is now a system of levels on the site. We'll make more use of them in the coming weeks and months, allowing you to do more things as you advance in levels. For now, as you do stuff on the site, as people buy you, you will gain points! You can also see who else is at the same level as you!

Oh there's so many small little enhancements, but do go check out the site and see what's happening and invite your friends

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