By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • May 27, 2011

Shareholder Mail, New Portfolio, New Shop Pages and More

It's been a busy week at El Rancho Empire Avenue.

New Portfolio

We've been testing the new Portfolio for the last couple of weeks, and we think it's pretty much ready for primetime, the feedback has been very positive from the majority. All new accounts are now using the new Portfolio. All those with active accounts we will change you all over next week but you will have the ability to switch back and forth for a few months. Please realize that eventually we will discontinue the old portfolio but want you to have some extra time to get used to it! If you would like to try it, go to the Portfolio and on the right under the drop down is the option to "Enable New Portfolio".

Features of the new portfolio:

- A better layout for portfolio data
- Ability to sort lists ascending and descending (just click the sorting type again to switch the order)
- More options to sort, including by purchase time
- Ability to invest in Facebook Friends and LinkedIn Connections before they join Empire Avenue
- Faster loading, better searching
- Portfolio is combined, no matter whether they are on the site or in the Twitter Index, etc.

For the technically-minded, the new Portfolio uses new summary tables which allow for greater extensibility in the future and fixes many known problems with the old portfolio!

Shareholder Mail

Shareholder Mail is an interesting and unique part of the Empire Avenue experience. Since you've invested in someone, you can receive broadcasts by that person in your Shareholder Mail inbox! Initially we were seeing more "Buy Me" posts, but with the costs in eaves of sending Shareholder Mail, we've seen some amazingly insightful messages being sent. To give some added benefit to Shareholder Mail and accountability, we've added the following:

- You can "Like" a Shareholder Message
- You can publicly comment on a shareholder message,
- You can subscribe to the comments in a shareholder message
- You can archive shareholder messages

Well-received Shareholder Mail will start counting toward your Empire Avenue Score and, as such, your Shareprice. However, do not abuse it, as people can disable shareholder mail entirely, block you, or sell your shares! Build value, and you will see your value rise in your network!

New Shop Pages

We've been working on improving our Shop to make it prettier and easier to navigate. Please take a look as we continue to improve the visibility and understanding of how to find and purchase upgrades and luxury items. More changes are coming!

Luxury Wealth Leaderboards

We have many enhancements coming to Luxury Wealth, but first off you can now see who is leading in Luxury Wealth. You receive Luxury Wealth on a daily basis from the luxury items that you buy (and potentially from other sources in the future). Luxury Wealth adds to your Net Wealth, which is combination of your bank money and all portfolio wealth (ie. if you liquidated your investment holdings).


We're making enhancements and improvements in all sorts of areas of the application. Keep an eye out, also let us know if you spot any issues. We are, after all, not perfect, but we'll do our best to rectify any issues as soon as we can.

UPDATE: oops got the link to where you change your portfolio to the new one wrong :)

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