By eavave • September 16, 2011

Empire Avenue opens Google+ connections using the new Google+ Preview API

The squirrel has been busy! In fact, he's not slept at all last night, toiling into the wee hours, all to bring you this cool news.

Google+ is now part of the Empire Avenue connection suite.

But of course, since the Google+ API just opened-up yesterday, to keep things manageable, we're rolling this out in a very limited fashion.


  • 1 connection to each of the 50 members that bring in the most new Empire Avenue members, using their special invite link. Connections will be awarded on Thursday, September 22nd.


  • 1connection to 50 random (yet active) Empire Avenue accounts -- will be selected on Thursday, September 22nd. Connections will be awarded after the Newbie connections are awarded.

What you can expect
Now, since this is a new connection, and Google is also rolling it out in a very limited fashion, Google+ connections WILL NOT BE USED FOR SCORES, SHARE PRICES, EARNINGS, OR DIVIDENDS, at this time.

Members who use the Google+ connection will be helping us test and stabilize this connection. As Google enhances functionality of the Google+ API, so too will we enhance the functionality of Empire Avenue's Google+ connection.

So get busy
What are you waiting for, ping your contacts, work your networks, bring in new Empire Avenue members and you could be one of the fortunate few to connect your Google+ account!


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