By eavave • September 23, 2011

Hard workers and lucky winners get Google Plus connections

Last week when Google opened up a small part of the Google+ API, our Empire Avenue development team worked through the night to implement the G+ connection, and to be one of the first services to offer it to our members.
And we succeeded, with a select few early testers being able to connect their G+ accounts to Empire Avenue the next day.

Open to all, sort  of
Unfortunately, Google only released a limited amount of connections to us, so we had to come up with a fair way to give (what we're calling) Google+ Preview connections to Empire Avenue members.
Hence this contest.

Well, the contest has concluded, and 50 hard-working Empire Avenue members have, by now, received in-game notification that they've got a spanky-new Google+ Preview connection they can hook up to their Google+ account.

But wait, there's more!
Yes, just because we're old-school gamers and like rolling percentile dice, we've randomly given away 50 more G+ Preview connections. Notifications are also in the lucky winner's on-site inbox.

What's next?
Frankly, we don't know. As Google continues to peel the G+ onion, new layers of complexity will be revealed to us. Which could mean we can open up more connections. Or we can start using the data from the existing connections in new and interesting ways. We just don't know.

But whatever the G+ API brings to us, you can bet that the hard-working Empire Avenue developers (and Squirrel) will do their best to get it to as many Empire Avenue members, as quickly as possible.

We love the rush of 4am coding ;)

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