By eavave • September 30, 2011 scores now available on Empire Avenue

Happy Friday! Yesterday our devilishly handsome development team put the finishing touches on the connection.

If you have a blog and you've connected it using the connection, you will notice that your connection is now reporting a score -- the '-' has changed to a number.

This connection is a bit different than others, in that it's a specialized Blog connection (and consequently has the ability to better impact your overall network score).

Unlike a normal Blog or RSS connection, with the connection we're able to better evaluate:

  • Post activity
  • Comment activity
  • Sharing activity (a future addition)

Caveat scores will show lower than other scores because we're scoring against all blogs that hosts, and some of those blogs receive thougsands of page views per day -- so it's likely that your score will be lower than expected, but in all cases, it would be better than if it was a standard Blog or RSS connection.

As well, even though our team may be devilishly handsome, they're still working on the connection -- Leaderboard integration is still forthcoming. When it's in, we'll let you know ;)

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