By eavave • October 19, 2011

Expanding Shareholder Missions

Over the weekend we ran a limited, yet fairly obvious, test of a new feature we're rolling out; Shareholder Missions.

From this weekend's test, we've received a lot of great feedback, which we're in the process of implementing as we expand the test group.

So, over the next few days, you'll see more people sending out Shareholder Missions.

Worth turning Shareholder Mail on!
One thing we've noticed is that many Empire Avenue members turn Shareholder Mail off. Well, you may want to take a new look at activating the feature; you won't see Shareholder Missions if you've turned it off, and we're seeing some very cool and creative Shareholder Missions in the works. Just go to your Shareholder Mail page and at the bottom of the right-hand panel select 'enable'.

How it'll work
Unlike the beta test, in the next few days, we'll be turning it on for people in batches.

You won't receive notice that you've got access to Shareholder Missions, just try and set one up. If you've got access, you'll get a display like this:

Our intention isn't to turn this on for everyone, yet. We still need feedback and suggestions to make sure Shareholder Missions are rock solid.

We want your stories
Yep, part of helping us improve Shareholder Missions is the part where you get to tell your Shareholder Mission story.

So, if you've set up an interesting, cool, unique, funky, or just plain neat Mission, let us know by describing it in the comments below.

Also, if you've taken part in a Mission, feel free to tell us what you thought of it and the process.

Tip of the iceberg
Shareholder Missions is a rather large thing for us. What you're seeing now is only the beginning, and in the coming weeks and months, more of the iceberg will be revealed.

So get us your feedback, thoughts and suggestions!

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