By eavave • December 20, 2011

Empire Avenue Missions: Easy, Engaging, and Profitable!

Ever since we announced the Shareholders Missions beta back in October, there's been a huge amount of interest in running and participating in them. And now we've got some very cool news about Shareholder Missions.

First off, we've modified the name -- they're now called just Missions, not Shareholder Missions. Ok, that was less than dramatic. The next bit will be better, I promise.

We're launching Missions site-wide -- in stages
Rather than release it all at once, we decided to release it to people in stages. This is to give the development team and support team (the same 7 people actually) time to effectively work on issues if they crop up, and to be able to scale the roll-out in a manageable way.

Starting today, we've launched the Mission hub page where everyone can see all Missions that are available. Remember, you still have to be a Shareholder of the Mission creator to participate in a Mission.

As well today, we've converted the existing beta Shareholder Mission testers to the new Empire Avenue Mission feature.

Starting tomorrow, if everything goes well today, we'll unlock Missions for another group of Empire Avenue members. Then daily, we'll continue to unlock Missions for new groups in stages until, by the New Year, we will have unlocked the ability to create Missions to everyone with a Share Price of 30 or higher.

We've set a limit because, frankly, we're thinking that below 30 there could be a greater potential for Mission spam. As with everything, we'll watch and tweak as necessary.

Also, due to the holiday break, we will not be unlocking accounts for Missions between December 23 and 27th, resuming on the 28th.

How will I know when I have the ability to create a Mission?
Easy! If you can see the 'My Missions' and 'Create Missions'  tab on the Missions page, you can create a Mission! If you don't see those tabs, you can't create a Mission just yet (but may be able to very soon). You'll also receive an email to let you know that you have access to Mission Creation.

Mission VS Missions
You'll find that the amount of Missions you can have running 'live' at any one time is dependent on your Share Price. The reasoning for this is simple: the higher your Share Price, the better your ability to financially sustain and maintain more than one Mission at a time. So if you want to run more Missions at a time, get your price higher :)

Uh, Missions?
If you've read this far and are still baffled, then read on. We'll explain exactly what Missions are right now.

Very simply, Missions are activities you initiate, that reward people who choose to accept the Mission. With Missions, you can:

  • Drive traffic to your web properties
  • Reward engagement in a fun, game-powered environment
  • Build loyalty among your existing fans
  • Increase your audience by attracting new followers, fans and subscribers
  • Discover interesting content across the web
  • Earn Eaves fast!

Two sides to every coin
With Missions, there are two stakeholders -- the Mission Creator, and the Mission Participant.

The role of the Mission Creator is to create a Mission that gives Eaves to the Mission Participant for completing an activity online. At the moment, you can reward others for visiting webpages - so a Facebook Page, YouTube channel, corporate site - whatever. We'll expand the functionality in the future.

The Mission Participant clicks, engages in content or a link and is rewarded for doing so. Simple.

Outstanding Results
Judging by the results of our beta test, they've been pretty successful, both online and out there in the 'real world' too!

For example:

"I've participated in and initiated several Shareholder Missions and they definitely work, are fun and a creative way to get shareholder attention to a product or service offered that your shareholders might not be aware of." - Kees den Hartigh, (e)CLEANKEYS

"Shareholder Missions increase engagement beyond what can be accomplished in even the most entertaining conversations over stock transactions... Very powerful and compelling new feature." - Kevin Strehlo, (e)MARATHON

Do Missions Work?
We opened Missions up to a select group of around 180 Empire Avenue users initially, and together they've rewarded their shareholders with over 127,800,000 eaves - and generated 125,812 visits to various webpages, all using virtual currency they've earned by being social online.

Ok, so it's free, gets results and creates engagement. Sounds like another cool way to help grow your portfolio and your network value. As more people are able to create Missions, you'll find more interesting things to do and people to engage with.

So go, check out the new Missions!

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