By eavave • January 11, 2012

Missions - Who Do You Want to Reward a.k.a. Targeting for Dummies

Back in October of 2011, (yes it is 2012 already, I only just came out of my holiday-induced slumber, too!) we launched a new feature on Empire Avenue called "Shareholder Missions." The early version was linked to Shareholder Mail and needed to be created through our Shareholder Mail feature. On December 18th we moved Missions out of Shareholder Mail and into its own section of the site. This move propelled Missions to one of the highest trafficked sections on the site, and we thank all the Missions creators for helping make Missions a success.

Before we tease you with what is coming within the next week (hopefully before the end of this week), I wanted to quickly talk about why we slowed down on broader access to Missions creation. You ask "WTF is taking you so long?" Well we had a plan to open Missions up over the holiday season; however, we are not happy with the way the current system does not allow Mission creators to clearly know and reward proper completion of a Mission and not just clicking a link. So we slowed it down and have left it at those with a Share Price greater than 70e and a few people who asked us specifically to be let in before the holiday break. So I am sorry, but for those with a Share Price lower than 70e, we are going to make you wait outside the velvet rope just a little longer, please bear with us as we ensure that your experience will be as positive as possible with Missions creation and completion!

We have listened to as much feedback as possible over the last couple of months through Empire Avenue Communities and other social media platforms. As a Mission creator myself I have been frustrated by those who "take the money and run" or "buy 1 share" only to sell it again without thanking me for my generosity, and do not complete the Mission. Aaargh!

The first feature addition will be targeting - the ability to narrow down "who" out of your Shareholders can complete a Mission. All will be revealed within the next week, but we think it adds another dimension to Missions creation, where you are not only targeting to a subset of your current or potential Shareholders but creating more things for those people to do as part of your Mission.

Targeting is not the only feature we are working on, and the ultimate goal for Missions is to be able to give the creator true traceability - the ability to know that when a Mission is created, it will get completed, or the Eaves just won't be given out. Over the next few weeks these new features will be developed, tested, implemented and released as quickly as humanly possible. We are truly excited about the prospects for Missions as a way to disrupt the way people view online seo companies engagement while having fun on their social networks.

We have also received feedback that Shareholder mail is getting too full with Missions, and therefore making Shareholder mail unusable. So we would love your feedback on the linking of Shareholder mail and Missions, should they be tied together? I personally see it as a great way to promote a Mission, however what are your thoughts?

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