By eavave • February 8, 2012

Huzzaaah! We've Got Bonuses!

You asked for it; you've got it! For a limited time only, we've introduced a fancy and highly-desireable set of four game-changing Bonuses (the items formerly known as Power-Ups) for your Empire Avenue enjoyment.

Starting right now, these Bonuses are available for purchase in the Shop. You will be able to buy them until 12am Feb 15th GMT, when they will expire.

Each Bonus will modify and enhance certain aspects of Empire Avenue for a set period of time or a specific number of uses. Some Bonuses have variable pricing, based on a number of factors including the buyer's account status or value. Carefully read the description text of each item and be sure you understand how it will impact your gameplay BEFORE you purchase the Bonuses.

Check out the new Bonuses here!

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