By eavave • March 14, 2012

Missions Update

Well then. Missions have been ticking along quite nicely for a few months now, so it's time we took some of your comments, feedback and suggestions and put them to work.

First up, you'll notice that we've added new functionality to the Missions creation page. Now, you've got the ability to create missions for folks who own a bracket of shares in you, or no shares at all -- they're the only ones who can complete that mission.

For example you may want to generate new traffic for your blog by sending a bunch of people who have never interacted with you before to your most recent blog post.

Or you may want to create a Mission to check out your latest YouTube video -- and make it limited to only those members who own between 100 and 300 shares in you.

Or, for that matter, you may want to create a Mission for anyone at all, no share ownership rules at all, you can do that now too!!

As well, we've added a couple of filtering buttons at the top of Missions. When you first arrive on the Current Missions page you'll now land on those Missions which you can complete - they are doable. You can then view which Missions are from people in your portfolio or Missions which are globally available.

And there you have it. Missions are proving to be one of the best ways to drive engagement and activity on your social media networks.

So keep creating Missions -- we are at well over 11,000 Missions created. But wait, there's more (as they say on TV) in the coming weeks we'll be adding even more functionality to help you find Missions that are relevant to you, watch this space.

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