By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • April 4, 2012

Tell us what to do with Pies and Dessert!

 UPDATED (April 9): Thanks very much for all the responses. Our decision and the future of Pies and Dessert is detailed here if you click this link. This blog has been closed for commenting.

Yesterday we had lots of feedback on our proposition to release Even Bigger Pieces of the Pie (#7 and #8). We then had an internal discussion on the technical and customer support issues surrounding this, because the view of some of our most engaged users and the way we had viewed the situation were not congruent.

To summarize the issues:

  • In our view, a Pie upgrade increases the maximum number of Shares you can buy in someone to a certain level. A Bonus allows you to break that level at a specific given time, so you can have "first-mover" advantage in gaining dividends, etc. Breaking the Pie for us was a way for you to collect dividends and garner more engagement while waiting for an overall Pie upgrade. By introducing a new site maximum for yourself, you would need to buy new Bonuses to go beyond your new maximum.
  • In many of your views, however, it seems that both a new Pie upgrade and the Bonuses used on an individual should be honoured. Meaning that if you could buy a maximum of 500 Shares in someone and then bought a "More Dessert" Bonus to go up to 600, you should then be able to get the persistent Pie Upgrade to 600 at some point and buy up to 700 in the person who you had used "More Dessert" on without getting a new Bonus for that person.

Unfortunately, our system currently allows for the first scenario and not the second.

This leaves us in a quandary on what to do, so we decided to let you, our community, write this story, and for you to tell us how we should proceed.

Here are the options based on the resources we can commit to this at this point in time:

Vote on it on our Facebook Page and get others to vote, and the winning option in the next week is the one we will implement.

Option 1. Leave as-is; no more Pie, no more Dessert

  • We maintain the status quo, and no changes will happen. We will not add Pie #7 and #8, and we will leave prices for More Dessert and Even More Dessert as they are.

Option 2. Introduce Pie #7 and #8, but Bonuses must be bought again to break your new maximum number of Shares.

  • We introduce Pie #7 and Pie #8 so you can make your overall site maximum larger, but the Dessert Bonuses will need to be bought again to break the maximum for an individual by up to 100 or 200 shares for a given use, depending on the Bonus you purchase.

Option 3. No new Pie, but we introduce two new Bonuses to allow +300 and +400 in a person, and reduce pricing on +100 and +200.

  • In this option we do not move beyond our current Pie maximum (#6), but we do introduce new Bonuses that allow you to invest +300 and +400 in a person, and we reduce the costs on the current Bonuses (More Dessert and Even More Dessert).

You have until next Wednesday April 11th to have your voice heard.

Go Vote now!

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