By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • April 8, 2012

Future of Pies and Dessert

Thank you all very much. Whether you posted on our blog, on Facebook or on Twitter, we really appreciated every comment and every idea. As you might have noticed from the Poll, the winner was Option 2, which was that we would release Pie and leave Bonuses, but you would have to buy the Bonuses again.

However, we decided to look at that option once more.

Your feedback was overwhelmingly clear and we agreed that if we were going to make a change, it behooves us to make a change that respects as many of our community as possible while also allowing the product to move into the future.

So, what here is what we will do:

a) We will release Pie #7 and Pie #8
b) You will continue to be able to buy More Dessert and Even More Dessert Bonuses to break the Pie maxes by 100 or 200 shares.
c) We will change the bonuses so that they are perpetual between two members once "used".

Let me explain what this means exactly:

If you have bought a bonus that pushes beyond your maximum shares boundary, when you buy a new pie upgrade, that bonus still applies for that person by the amount of the bonus. For example:

Dups has a shares maximum of 300. Dups buys a More Dessert bonus to go beyond that maximum by up to 100 shares. Dups purchases 350 shares in Ric and hence uses his More Dessert Bonus once. Later, he decides to buy the 400 Shares Pie Upgrade. Going back to Ric, he can continue to blow past the maximum for Ric and buy another 100 shares for a total of 500 without having to re-purchase the More Dessert bonus.

If you use a bonus on someone, from now on, that relationship will always have the extra shares, even if you sell and even if the Bonus is no longer available.

We will enable this for all your past More Dessert and Even More Dessert purchases. This all will be made live when we move up Pie #7 and Pie #8.

We believe, as so many of you have voiced, that this is the fairest option that gives balance to both new members and old members, and certainly also honours those who spent money or eaves purchasing bonuses while allowing people to continue to expand and engage by using new Pie Upgrades.

Again, these changes will go live when Pie #7 and Pie #8 are out. That will be sometime this week.

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