By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • April 30, 2012

Introducing "Monday Moguls" #MM

Today we're trying something new! We decided to take a stroll through the great posts that are being written by the fantastic people on Empire Avenue.

Our criteria to appear on today's Monday Mogul list were the following:

- Your blog is on
- You showed positive change in your Share Price over the past week.
- Your blog was a journal type article of some length.

The list is automatically generated based on how much change you saw last week in your share price and then manually edited to make sure that only original content is shown. If you like any of the content, go connect with the blog author on Empire Avenue and invest in them!

We'd like to make this a regular feature and expand to more than blogs. If you like it, let us know by leaving a comment!

Share Price Level: Greater than 100e

Username/Ticker: SALLYKWITT
Post: Move Your Money Panel today with VIDEO - Bucks County Moveon and Penn Action
The “Move Your Money” effort is a simple, straightforward way of holding banks accountable by moving your money and other financial arrangements from the mega-bank offenders to smaller, more responsible institutions. By doing so you’ll help to end “too-big-to-fail,” you’ll be investing in Main Street, not Wall Street... Read More


Username/Ticker: CONFLUENCE
Post: The Power To Pack Up
Excerpt: On the path of meditation, I am a traveler, on a magnificent journey. I have to make some firm choices about I what will take with me on this journey. To pack up means to learn the lessons of the present, then to move on, letting the past be past. It means not carrying the baggage of the past into my present and future, but traveling lightly from one day to the next, keeping only what is most... Read More

Share Price Level: Between 75e and 100e

Username/Ticker: BILLBOORMAN
Post: HR: The CEO's View. (Live Blog) with @hughweber1 and Rose Hudson #LASHRM
Excerpt: I'm sitting in the CEO's session on HR. The panel is made up of Rose Hudson, CEO of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation and Hugh Weber, CEO of the New Orleans Hornets, and being moderated by Mary Ellen Slayter with Reputation Capital Media Services.
First question: How do you define leadership.
Hugh: Being transparent and open and building a culture bigger than the organisation, where the people... Read More

Username/Ticker: MADEBYJESS
Post: PhoneFetcher Review and Giveaway
Excerpt: I don’t actually want to admit how long it takes me to find my phone when I’m out and about. I can hear the music and it lights up but it seems like it’s lost in a deep abyss. I end up getting frustrated because I have to dig and dig to find it! When I seen the PhoneFetcher, I KNEW this was something that could save me some time as well as sanity. I didn’t want to be stuck in the grocery... Read More

Share Price Level: Between 50e and 75e

Username/Ticker: K9KELP
Post: The Kiss
Excerpt: He had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, while he continued to fight the fire. She is pregnant. When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest... Read More


Username/Ticker: YVONNEMASON
Post: Why Do We As Humans Hate Change?
Excerpt: Why do we hate change so much? That question is as old as the world. I have my own theory. We hate change because it requires us to rethink the way things have been in the past. We hate change because it requires us to rethink our mindset about the way things should be. Let me explain... Read More


Username/Ticker: RED2678
Post: The Shift Toward Cloud-Based Services
Excerpt: "To the cloud" You've likely heard those three words before. Get used to them - you're going to be hearing them a lot more in the future. So just what is "the cloud?" "The cloud" is short for cloud computing, which is a concept wherein resources, data, software, information, etc. are shared over a network. Think of it like an electric grid, which acts the network that provides power to homes... Read More

Share Price Level: Between 25e and 50e

Username/Ticker: ONPURPOSE
Post: PWR- Pray Walk and Read
Excerpt: It has been a passion of mine and I work at it fervently to become better at time management. I remember in the beginning of this year when it was time to present a Vision Board workshop I was convicted in the area of TIME. We talk to women all the time about life, jobs, family and after hearing women share all the time that they just can not get it together and at times late for meetings and ... Read More

Username/Ticker: TRPSR
Post: The Point of It All.
Excerpt: "On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog." -Peter Steiner
I guess I should explain the point of this blog. Well, freedom is under attack in the United States. It's two main foes are Christianity, and the Entertainment Industry. I am a person who loves music. I have a wealthy family, getting the money to purchase music isn't always to difficult, I usually try to buy my music directly... Read More

Share Price Level: Between 15e and 25e

Username/Ticker: STEGZY
Post: Local food
Excerpt: The following post appeared hidden on LJ in 2009 as it was part of my journalism degree portfolio. This weekend I undertook my second visit to Belper's farmers market. It has been nearly a year since my last visit and it was good to see some familiar faces. Surprisingly the market has grown ... Read More


Username/Ticker: ACHERRY
Post: Hand-made shoes and clothes!!!!
Excerpt: My roommate, Emily, and I hand-paint shoes and clothes. We have very different styles so we can alternate who based on the design. We are college students so we want to business to stay small, because we do not have a lot of time for it. How it works: Someone buys clothes/shoes/accessories that fit them, and then we design them for the person on a custom basis. Emily has leather paints ... Read More

We'd like to make this a regular feature and expand to more than blogs. If you like it, let us know by leaving a comment!

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