By eavave • September 21, 2012

Fixed Early expiry

It was brought to our attention yesterday that some people had issues with the More Dessert bonuses. It appears that one of the issues was improper expiry of bonuses for a small group of users. We have made the necessary changes to correct this issue and in light of the issue have made the following adjustments to minimize the impact those affected.

Anyone affected will have the bonus re-enabled along with an additional 2 uses and any expiry is increased (in most cases 7 days) to 10 days from the date of purchase. Since users and purchasers will have lost time where they may have purchased commission free we have extended the lifetime of the "Quantitative Eaves(ing)" to 72 hours up from the standard 36 it normally comes with for anyone who already owned the bonus. This should allow both investors and the owners of those bonuses to avoid missing any windows to get a good deal on a sweet investment.

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