By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • October 27, 2012

Site Update Oct 27, 2012


As we head quickly towards winter, (plz say it isn't so!), we have put together some bonuses to help ease the social media pain. Head to the Empire Avenue Shop for more details.

Two new bonuses this week  - More details on the shop!
Halloween Ticket
This is your chance to win Eaves for doing close to nothing! Buy the Trick or Treat Ticket, and you could win one of 25 prizes of 110,000e! Every ticket is a winner, but there are a total 25 grand prizes of 110,000e.
Rhapsody on the Avenue
Sponsored by Rhapsody
This bonus will bring you all the extras of more dessert plus 5,000e so you can jump right into purchasing.
Best of all you also get a 14-day free registration for Rhapsody Services.

Mobile Application - EAv Mogul
Our good friends from down under, Korutech App solutions, have designed a new iPhone app that we are proud to promote to you. EAv Mogul is a great application. A couple of our members have tried it out and given it the thumbs up:
"Congratulations for getting a phone app done! I am using it now and so far loving it"
"I have only had it installed for a short period but I already love it."
Go and download it from the App store now!

And lastly from Rudiger:
Apparently there will be construction on  Empire Avenue this weekend so watch out for bumps.
Sigh.... get out of it Rudiger, that is the last time!Have a great weekend everyone!
Team Empire Avenue

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