By eavave • November 27, 2012

Missions No Fee Spree

Missions Refunds

Over the weekend some users experienced delays in receiving the refunds from the unused portions of archived missions, as a result we have decided to extend the no fee period an extra couple of days.  If you were affected by the refund problem then you will have received any outstanding amounts yesterday.

Ed. - Quick addition: Date for extended Missions fees is Midnight GMT Wednesday.

New Bonus Options New Bonus Options

More Dessert

In other news we have adjusted some of our eaves pricing now that the sale has ended, while doing it we also released some minor changes to the bonuses. Now you can grab the More Dessert in 5 or 10 uses and for the Even More Dessert you can now get a 10 or 30 pack. For users buying the Even More Dessert 30 pack we have also extended the expiry to 14 days to make sure you have more time to use them. As always you can only have one of the Even More Dessert's active" ie. you cannot buy both the 10pack or the 30pack

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