By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • December 20, 2012

Vacation Mode!

As we approach the end of the year and you start thinking about family dinners, gifts, festivals of light and all sorts of wonderful times, we at Empire Avenue know that keeping up on your social media may be the last thing you want to worry about. So, many moons ago we came up with the idea of taking a "Social Media Vacation" and enabled "Vacation Mode" which you can purchase in chunks up to 4 weeks in a given year on the store.

Now, when we first released Vacation Mode, the feature had some issues, all of which with community feedback, we have since fixed. Unfortunately the fixes have not been reflected on various blogs, sites or guides. No matter what you read on any blog, site or guide, please take the following to be the definitive word on Vacation Mode as it functions currently on

1. Share Price

With Vacation Mode, your Share Price will not be affected by fluctuations in your social media output (both higher and lower). It basically fixes your Share Price to the point at which you enabled Vacation Mode. However, fluctuations due to people Investing in you or selling your shares will continue as per normal.

2. Dividends and Earnings

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 11.20.25 AMYou will continue to pay your Shareholders Dividends while on Vacation Mode. The Dividend amount is set to the average Dividends per Share as shown on your profile. For example, if you paid out an average of 0.21e/share as a Dividend the day before you turned on Vacation Mode, then you will continue to pay 0.21e/share every day you are on vacation.

Since you are on Vacation Mode you will not receive Earnings on your own Social Media activity but you will receive Dividends from your Portfolio.

3. Market Makers and Social Scores

Another misconception on Vacation Mode is that when you exit Vacation Mode your Share Price will take a dive as the Market Makers did not have any history to work with. This was true when we first launched Vacation Mode, but no longer. We continue to keep everything, including your Market Maker calculations completely stable based on when you turned on Vacation Mode which means that when you exit Vacation Mode it is calculating based on new information.

4. Your Activity on

While on Vacation Mode you cannot do transactions around investments on Empire Avenue, i.e. investing in people or selling shares in your portfolio. This does not extend to Missions, you may continue to complete missions, post missions etc.

5. Exiting Vacation Mode

You can exit Vacation Mode at anytime, you do not need to wait for your purchased time to expire, however, we do not refund the unused time that you purchased, please keep that in mind when you purchase Vacation Mode. When you exit,'s Vacation Mode, your account returns to normal.

Additional Feedback

Additional feedback you have given us include clear indication of knowing when someone is on Vacation Mode and we are working on that. What else would you like to see when it comes to turning on Vacation Mode? Do you think we should have the 4 week limit in a calendar year? Let us know!

Please take time this holiday season to go offline and spend some quality time with your loved ones and know that you will not be impacted on Here's to a stress-free and relaxing holiday!

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