By eavave • February 8, 2013

A cat in a pie?

Hi folks,

As we wind down for the weekend in North America and to celebrate the the disappearance of half the team for a holiday break, we are going to treat you with more Pie, while the cats are away! ;)

mshares_1400We hope you guys have a great trip, but the folks left behind are giving away the farm!

The boring bits!
We now have Pie Upgrades that will allow you to take the maximum you invest in someone to 1400 shares using upgrades. The current More Dessert and Even More Dessert Bonuses are still active, previous Dessert Bonuses you've used will be active even with the new Pie which means you might be able to go to 1600 shares in someone.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Half of Team Empire Avenue

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