By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • March 29, 2013

An Easter Eaves Sale! 20% off this weekend only!

easter_saleHi all, we've been busy behind the scenes over in Empire Avenue land, but we wanted to let you know that we thought we should let Rudiger, our Empire Avenue squirrel, dress up as the easter bunny. His first task was to drive a sale on Eaves with a 20% off sale! To take advantage of the sale, simply go straight to our Shop and purchase any of the items marked on sale!

If you've wanted to Create a Mission and didn't have the Eaves to do it with, take advantage of the sale which will end Tuesday April 2, 2013!

If you have yet to run a Mission (gasp!*!) as you don't have access yet, we might have left an Easter Egg for something cool to purchase to get you started as well... but we'll tell you more about that... next week ;)

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