By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • May 14, 2013

May 14th Updates to Empire Avenue

Today we are releasing a new update to that updates our navigation and consolidates many of the styles and look throughout the service. The impetus for this update is to continue along the path towards accomplishing our mission for Empire Avenue where you will realize real value for your reputation and the networks you have built online.


  • Expand, Engage and Evaluate is no longer a message that we will be using on the service. As such, Expand, Engage and Evaluate are no  longer links that are in the top sub menu. You can find "Evaluate" in the username drop down, or as a tab on your profile page as you are of course evaluating your own network connections
  • Engage has been replaced with a relatively new home page which we've had for a couple of weeks, but expect that to be the focus of much attention and updates going forward. The page now features people and missions we have highlighted for you using our algorithms as well as Recent Shareholders, Mentions and Arrivals as before. You can reach this page by clicking "Home" on the top bar, or the Empire Avenue logo.
  • Expand has been replaced by a new section called "Discover" where we will be able to give you options to discover new people and their services now and into the future. Expect further updates to the Discover dashboard.

New Navigation and Home

  • Leaderboards for people/profiles, Search and Recent Arrivals are all under Discover now.
  • The Communities Leaderboard is now in the Community section as "Top Communities"
  • The Empire Avenue Shop has been reduced to two pages, taking out unneeded complexity.
  • The About Us, FAQs, Support and help are in one place for you peruse with their own navigation. Our FAQs have been updated in the last week and we suggest you take a gander at them as well

Other Changes

  • Leaderboards: Leaders are now pulled more realtime and not once a day
  • Leaderboards: Recent Arrivals are now back to being by the week a profile joined, giving you more leaderboards to discover new people
  • Leaderboards: Several leaderboards which showed incorrect data (such as Weekly Earnings) were retired
  • Leaderboards: My Social Networks has been removed as a leaderboard, the data was not accurate and caused performance issues
  • Lists: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Friends on Empire Avenue as sortable lists have been removed, we will be working on ways to notify you of when a friend joins better than we do today!
  • Bank: Achievements no longer give any income, so that line item has been removed
  • Missions: History page display fixed
  • Profile: Hovering over the network score now correctly gives you the network activity.

Previous weeks changes

There are numerous small fixes throughout the site and many other enhancements that you cannot see (as always), way more than we can actually list. Many of these changes may seem minor but move us towards a greater consistency with which we can make changes more easily and reliably.

If you would like to keep abreast with updates on what we are releasing, please join the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community on Empire Avenue here!

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