By eavave • May 15, 2013

Updates to the Portfolio View


Today we are happy to announce a new feature to help keep your portfolio organized on the Empire Avenue Stock Market, and to keep track of your "Fresh Face" investments. As pictured you will now be able to view your portfolio based on the age of the various profiles that you have invested in as well as seeing the "Fresh Face" icon in the portfolio. What this means for you is that it is now easier to track the progress of Empire Avenue rookies who you have invested in, and it should be much easier to see how these investments are faring for you. This should also make it easier to tell when a Fresh Faced user has left that stage of their Empire Avenue career, and moved on to a world of bigger, and better dividends.

This is just one of the many upcoming changes we hope will make the time you spend on various parts of Empire Avenue more convenient.

We would also like to acknowledge (e)RICTOWNSEND (Richard Townsend) for repeated reminders that a feature such as this would be greatly appreciated within the Empire Avenue community and also his and others' patience while we rolled out our latest set of updates that facilitated this. Thanks Richard!

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