By eavave • June 6, 2013

Comparing Empire Avenue to A Vending Machine (No I Haven’t Lost My Mind)

Nick the Intern back with another installment. Pepsi recently debuted a vending machine that doesn’t accept money, but instead will only dispense a beverage after you like their Facebook page. Pepsi recently debuted the machine at a Beyonce concert, and according to their short video about the endeavor it appears to be getting some positive feedback. They mention throughout the video that it is an experiment in sampling, but I think the strategy employed here goes a bit deeper than that.

By providing a small incentive to promote their Facebook, Pepsi is increasing engagement with their fans, and building their network – sound familiar? By drawing new members towards their page, they can see the types of people that are interested in their product, and are gaining valuable insight into their demographics, psychographics, and most other “-graphics” that any savvy marketing professional could utilize to more easily identify fans and potential customers.

When I first saw this, the first thing that leapt to my mind was Empire Avenue. The promotion strategy is similar to those that I see utilized by our Empire Avenue community on Missions.

Essentially everybody on Empire Avenue is doing a Pepsi, and I mean that in the best way.

Instead of offering samples of fizzy beverages, you are offering the Empire Avenue community the greatest brand you have, yourself. Every Mission you create, every potential networking opportunity is your chance to show everyone on Empire Avenue what you have to offer, a free sample if you will.

Empire Avenue also gives you valuable information based on the people who respond to your networking, and Empire Avenue brings you even closer to your potential fan base by allowing you to directly interact with them, not just on one network, but eight other networks, and providing valuable metrics which you can utilize as you see fit.

The idea of incentive and networking is one that I am sure you are all familiar with due to your time on Empire Avenue. We are sure it will work for Pepsi and we’d like to hear stories of how it works for you on Empire Avenue so please leave a comment below, or send me an email at I would love to hear your success and how you are offering Empire Avenue a free sample of yourself.

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