By eavave • June 12, 2013

How to Invest Like the Best

Nick the Intern here and today I am in interested in how you've invested!

I have been spending more time on the Social Stock Market, and I have been curious about how the Empire Avenue community networks through playing the Stock Market. I thought for this blog I would try something a little bit different and share my current investing strategy, and ask you to do the same in the comments below, or in the discussion about this blog post in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.

The first thing that I do every day is to invest in profiles who invest in me. Even if I cannot match their investment, I invest what I can. Everybody receives some benefit through investment, and it is a good way for me to start recognizing familiar faces in the community not to mention discover some new ones!

My second strategy is to invest in new profiles, or profiles that seem to share similar interests, or goals. My reasoning here is because I like helping people who are new to Empire Avenue, and I like finding those who share my interests.

Well, this is a short blog post, but then that’s generally what I do. To be honest I am more interested in learning from you! Leave your thoughts on how you invest in the Social Stock Market below or in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

Thanks for reading, and happy investing!

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