By eavave • July 12, 2013

Important: LinkedIn Account Permissions Migration

LinkedIn allows us to access your information through tokens provided by them, currently these tokens do not expire. However, LinkedIn has informed us that this will be changing. To avoid issues we will be migrating users to new tokens as part the change required for the new LinkedIn Member Permissions and expiry system.

Although we are not requesting additional access to your LinkedIn account, the process will require you to approve access through the new permissions page provided by LinkedIn.  As usual we take the access you give us to external services such as LinkedIn very seriously and you may find additional information about LinkedIn's changes here; additional information for developers and migration is also available here for those who are interested.

On Empire Avenue, for all accounts who need to go through this update process,  you will receive the following message at the top of your screen asking you to update your LinkedIn Network access.

If you receive this message please review and update your LinkedIn connection. If you receive this message please review and update your LinkedIn connection.

Please follow the instructions to update your LinkedIn account access so that there is no interruption to the effects that LinkedIn has on your Dividends, Share Price or your LinkedIn network score. Should you not update your LinkedIn tokens, we may soon loose access to your LinkedIn data (it will disappear from your connected networks) and it will affect your Empire Avenue performance.


The Empire Avenue Team.

UPDATE:  With the migration LinkedIn appears to be having some issues, we have had some reports of users receiving error messages when trying to connect or update their LinkedIn accounts. If you do encounter a strange error from LinkedIn please just wait a few minutes and try again. We have filed a report with LinkedIn (as have a number of other developers.) The current tokens will continue to function, so waiting will not cause any problems. We will continue to monitor this issue and update is necessary.

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