By eavave • August 21, 2013

Even More Community Highlights!

Hello again everyone! Are you looking to connect with people who can communicate in 140 characters or less? Maybe you are the type of person who thinks that a picture speaks a thousand words? You might even use both to share your love of Italy!. If any of these descriptions sound like you, then Nick the Intern has you covered, with another Community Highlight!

Are you an observational type of person with the ability to be concise, and a desire to connect with others? Sounds like you might be interested in a little website called Twitter. And if a little birdie has already chirped in your ear about Twitter, then maybe the Twitter Community on Empire Avenue is the right place for you! If you are looking to connect with others, and learn how the people of Empire Avenue use this incredible microblogging platform then look no further than the Twitter Community!

Photography Bloggers
The Photography Bloggers Community is for anyone who has, wants, or is simply interested in blogs focused around photography. The Community has a deep list of what people can expect from the blog, and the list is as follows:

* Blog and article promotion from a network of photographers.

* Assistance finding blog topics.

* Guest blogging opportunities.

* Site & Design critique.

* Technical assistance to get your blog set up.

* Photo-friendly design recommendations.

* Photo-friendly WP plugin recommendations.

* Internet tools to make blogging easier!

* Whatever else you want!

Whether you have already been bitten by the photography bug, or you are looking to see the world through somebody else’s lens, then take a look at this Community. Be sure to smile, and say “Cheese!”

I love Italy
Italy. The food, the culture, the history, what’s not to love about it? Why not connect with others and discuss the greatest land mass that looks like a designer boot? Favorite places, foods, it all get discussed here, and occasionally it even gets discussed in Italian! That’s pretty cool! So if you are looking for a digital getaway to beautiful Italy, this seems to be the best way to do that on Empire Avenue!

I hope you have enjoyed this Community Highlight, and as always I am always interested in hearing about your Communities! If you email me at your Community might even be featured in the next Community highlight! Until then keep connecting with Communities!

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