By eavave • October 10, 2013

Oh Me Oh My There's Some News About Pie.

Autumn. The leaves change, the weather gets cooler, and pumpkin themed beverages, and pastries begin to flood the streets. Not to be outdone, Empire Avenue thought that this would be a great time to release some Pie of our very own!

Yes, Pie! A delicious dessert brimming with filling and opportunities. Empire Avenue’s latest pie will allow you to increase the shares you can purchase in others to 1,800 for the reasonable cost of $25. Remember that in order to be eligible for the new Pie upgrade you must have first purchased all previous Pie upgrades.

Speaking of previous Pie upgrades, Pie 17 will soon be available for Eaves! The Eaves cost of Pie 17 start at 3.5 million Eaves, but will be scaled depending on your wealth level just like the Portfolio and More Dessert Power Ups.

With Pie 18 right around the corner, this is the perfect time to pick up 17 and make sure you are caught up and ready for [X]pendapalooza on October 12th!
So what are you waiting for?  Head on down to the Empire Avenue Shop and pick up your Pie today!

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