By Duleepa Wijayawardhana • November 7, 2013

New Mission Reward Type and Mission "Blocking"

Today we have rolled out some changes that affect Missions.

"Restrict Missions Completion" (otherwise known as Missions-Only Blocking)

You may now choose to Restrict your Missions from being completed by a specific user without actually “Blocking” that user. Restricting a user from your Missions prevents a user from doing your Missions. If you choose to “Block” that individual not only will they not be allowed to complete Missions, but they will also not be allowed to interact with you on any service or application provided by Empire Avenue, including the Social Stock Market. As with all negative feedback, being restricted by multiple users may impact overall ability to complete Missions

To Restrict someone, you must use the Feedback popup for the Mission Completer. Choose Negative Feedback and then Submit your Feedback along with Restricting Missions. You may also Restrict Missions on a person's profile page. See Screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.55.54 AM

A BETA Mission Reward Type - Eaves Payout (Scaled)

Initially, we are rolling this out to Premium Account holders only at this time. We are planning a general rollout to all accounts when we are happy!

To access: in Mission Reward Type, choose “Eaves Payout (Scaled)” when creating a Mission, choose a Eaves Budget, a Minimum Reward and a Maximum Reward.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.58.42 AM
Eaves Payout (Scaled) Rewards are different from Eaves Payout (Legacy) in that we will payout the reward based on what you select for Minimum and Maximum Reward when creating the Mission. The actual Payout amount will be based on the Completer's Network Scores. For example, if an individual has high Network Scores then they will get a higher payout. Unlike "Eaves Payout (Legacy)" and similar to almost every advertising system out there, the Mission Creator will be setting a “budget” of Eaves from which to payout. We will then display what the appropriate reward is and payout from that budget accordingly. In these Missions the Reward is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Specific Q & A

Q. How do Commissions work with Eaves Payout (Scaled)?

We calculate the commission based on the Reward paid out. For example: For a Platinum account holder, your Eaves Mission Commission is 50%. If someone claims your Mission and is paid 1000e, we will deduct 1500e from the Mission Budget.

Q. What are the Rewards Commission amounts for this Reward Type?

Legacy Commission Structure or Amounts have not been changed. For the new Reward Type when rolled out to the entire user-base, free accounts will be charged 80% Eaves Rewards commission, Premium accounts will be charged the following Commissions: Bronze - 75%, Silver - 60%, Gold - 50% and Platinum 25%.

Q. What’s the formula for determining the Reward Payout to an individual?

We won’t reveal the exact math. Suffice it to say that getting 100% of the Reward will mean that you have fairly high scores across the board. We will modify over time.

Q. Are you using my top five scores for the Reward Payout calculation or all my Network Scores?

Yes, at this time we will use the highest five Network Scores to calculate the reward any individual will receive between the minimum and the maximum that you choose for your Mission.

Q. Are you allowing greater rewards than 50,000e?

Yes. in Eaves Payout (Scaled) we will allow (for now) up to 100,000e as a Reward. The highest Minimum Reward will be 25,000e.

Q. Are you charging for Targeting?

No. We will not charge for specific targeting.

Q. Are you charging for Promotion?

Yes. The only promotion option currently available is Shareholder Mail area as before.

Q. Will you ever pay lower than the Minimum?

Yes. We will pay lower than your chosen Minimum to profiles who we deem as “risky”. These may be automatically or manually determined profiles based on reputation or other crowd-sourced and/or automated means. Keeping a good reputation will be vital for getting good Eaves payouts in this system.

Q. When do you plan on releasing to everyone?

When we are happy with everything :)

Q. Do you anticipate bugs?

We’d like to not have bugs but we expect there will be some. We are ready to squash.

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