By eavave • November 26, 2013

Pie 19 Released! Pie 18 available for Eaves!


Today Empire Avenue has released Pie 19! Pie 19 will allow you to purchase up to 1,900 total shares in any profile! We hope you can utilize this to enhance your Empire Avenue experience, and we hope you enjoy receiving more dividends from your favorite profiles!

Pie 19 is available in the Empire Avenue Shop for $25.00 USD.

That’s not all folks! If you aren’t up to Pie 19 yet don’t fret, because Pie 18 is now available for Eaves! So if you have some additional Eaves kicking around, now is the perfect time to catch up and get your piece of the pie!

Pie 18 can also be found in the Empire Avenue Shop and will be scaled depending on your wealth level. The Eaves scaled price begins at 4200000e.

Be sure to check out the other Profile upgrades that are available in the Empire Avenue Shop, such as Portfolio, and More Dessert options. We even offer Premium Account Services!

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