By eavave • November 29, 2013

Updates to the Social Market Dashboard!

The Social Market Dashboard has seen a significant number of changes today. The new design reflects the recently changed Empire Avenue Homepage, while retaining the statistics that you utilize daily while playing the Social Market.

The first thing you will probably notice is the “Your Share Price” box. Your current Share Price is listed in bold print at the top left of the box directly above a graph which shows any fluctuations in your Share Price over the last 7 days. The right side of this box now displays how your Share Price is calculated. Your top five Network scores, and the percentile that they contribute to your Share Price are listed at the top right hand side of the box, and directly underneath that are your Outstanding Shares, along with the percentage that they contribute.


Underneath the Share Price box you will find the Trending Profiles box. This box will show your best Share Price gainers, and directly underneath will be your Portfolio Highlights, which will currently display your Top Gainer as well as any Missions that they have available.


At the very bottom of the page you will see a small bar labelled as More Graphs. From here you can see additional graphs of your Share Price, and even view how it has fluctuated over the course of an entire year! A graph for your Portfolio Value over the past 30 days is available from here as well.

Additionally, starting from the top of the right hand side of the page you will see a column that descends down the page, and has a veritable bounty of information for you. In order this column lists:

Upgrades and Bonuses
Shows your currently active Bonuses, your current Upgrades, as well as the next Upgrade that is available to you.

Average Dividend Payout
Shows the average amount per share that you pay out when someone has invested in you, as well as the amount of your last Dividend payout

Your Wealth
Displays your Net Wealth, your Portfolio Value, and your last Dividend income

Recent Activity
The Recent Activity box shows you recent activity that pertains to you on Empire Avenue. This includes any purchasing or selling of your shares, and even displays any first time purchasers of your shares!

Shares You Own
This shows you how many total shares you own on Empire Avenue!

We hope you enjoy the changes and if you have any questions, or would simply like to exclaim how awesome you think they are feel free to do so in our post on the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.

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