By eavave • December 9, 2013

Shop Update: Pie 20 now available! Pie 19 now available for Eaves!

The Empire Avenue team is going to be meeting in Montreal this week, and it is going to be a couple of very busy days (following our very busy week last week launching Vees), but no matter how busy we are, we always have room for more Pie!

Pie 20 is now available in the Empire Avenue Shop for purchase! Pie 20 will allow you to purchase up to 2,000 total shares in a profile on the Social Market! Click here to go to the Empire Avenue shop and increase your buying power today!

Pie 19 is now available in the Empire Avenue Shop for Eaves! The Eaves price will be scaled based on your wealth level!

We hope you use Pie 20 to make some great investments, and some great connections on Empire Avenue!

Want to discuss this Pie upgrade? Head on over to the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

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