By eavave • December 13, 2013

Promotion Commotion

The Empire Avenue team recently got together in Montreal to discuss new features that will improve your engagement, and help make your content more visible than ever. We are very happy to bring you the first of our new ideas, Promoted Vee Missions!

When someone creates a Mission there are generally two goals, get the Mission seen, and get the Mission completed. The ability to promote your Mission will allow you to enhance visibility on the Empire Avenue Mission’s page, and lead to more completions!

So how does it all work? When creating a Vee Mission you will now see the option to ”Set as a Promoted Mission”. There are currently two options available for purchase. You can purchase an individual Promoted Mission for $25 USD, or you can purchase 5 uses at $100 USD! Each use allows for 6 hours of Mission Promotion on Empire Avenue! Once you have set your Vee Mission details you can purchase your Promotion on the Mission Start page! You can also preemptively pick up your Mission Promotion Uses in the Empire Avenue Shop!

When a Mission is promoted it will be tagged with our new Promoted Mission tag, and will appear prominently on Empire Avenue. Once Mission is Promoted, it will lose Promoted status on the following times:

    • When the 6 hours of Mission Promotion is up.

    • When the Mission is archived.

We are looking forward to seeing your Promoted Missions on Empire Avenue, be sure to check them out when you create your next Mission or in the Empire Avenue Shop!

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