By eavave • December 17, 2013

Changes to Eaves (Legacy) Missions

As of today, December 17th, Eaves (Legacy) Missions will have a maximum reward of 10,000e per Reward.

This change does not affect Eaves (Scaled) Missions, which are the most popular types of Missions for both Eaves and Vees Reward. You can still create high reward Eaves Missions, but you will need to use Eaves (Scaled) Missions. not only does this benefit users based on engagement and reputation, it helps us manage the missions eco-system.

This means that all Eaves (Legacy) Missions must offer a reward of 10,000e or lower, meaning you will not be able to "Re-run" a Mission with a higher amount. “Cloning" a Mission will set the Reward Value to the lowest possible (500e) and you will need to set a new Reward before making the Mission active.

Scaled Eaves Missions have been an extremely positive change. We’ve successfully tested Eaves (Scaled) as the default Mission type for over a month.  With our Scaled Eaves Missions we no longer charge for targeting and the interface is very simple: set up your budget, set up a minimum and maximum and off it goes. With Eaves (Scaled) Missions, those receiving negative feedback may get the lowest or even lower reward amount for your Mission. It puts in an extra control mechanism. Missions are getting so much better and easier to use.

Going forward all the innovation will happen with Scaled Missions, whether the reward is in Eaves and Vees.

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