By eavave • January 9, 2014

Changes to the Empire Avenue Referral Program

We are only two days into the Beta of the Empire Avenue Referral Program, we already have a large backlog of people to approve, but we wanted to get some changes in place asked for by the Community.

1. I really want to get paid commissions on Premium Service subscription accounts on Empire Avenue!

We have now enabled the ability for us to pay Referrers for any Premium Service Subscriptions your clients/referrals may sign up to. You will be paid a commission monthly so long as the individual keeps their Premium Service and you are a valid Referral/Affiliate. Please note, you get paid Commission monthly for whatever level they are at that month. For example, if someone you refer signs up for Bronze but then upgrades to a Gold, you will be paid a commission for Gold but for prorated amounts for that month.

2. I've clicked through a Referral Link, did it work? Who is my Referrer?

We now have a page in place for you to see who your Referrer is and allow you to change it. Click here to view your Referrer.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.44.22 AM

3. Someone accidentally clicks through another Referral Link what will happen?

With Community feedback we have changed this procedure from automatically changing to one where the individual will be notified that they have clicked on a Referral Link and give them the opportunity to change. This will only happen on subsequent Referral Link clicks.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.45.14 AM

4. Clarification on the three month expiry of a Referral

Once clicked someone is referred by you for three months (with the exception of Premium Subscriptions which are tagged to the person who they signed up under indefinitely). If you wish that person to continue as a Referral, please ask them to click a Referral link from you again, that will keep extending that expiry.

Thank You to our Beta Testing Community

We sincerely appreciate the comments and the help provided to us by the initial group of Referrers, we will continue to learn and expand on the program. Those who are waiting to be approved, we are working through approvals as fast as we can :)

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